More the 3000 music profesionals from around the world gathered in Lisbon for the 28th edition of the World Music Expo. This showcase festival had more than 60 concerts on 7 stages this year. Have a look of my impression (with the Portuguese opening night, Les Mecanos, Duo RUUT, Marco Mezquida, Lia de Itamaraca, BALAKLAVA BLUES, Le Diable a Cinq, Windborne, Afrotronix, Corina Sirghi, Ngulmiya, Perija, Aquamadera, Al Bilali Soudan, Bia Ferreira, La Mambanegra, Rangamatir Baul, Pilani Bubu, Firas Zreik, Aywa, Suonno D Ajere, Daniel Herskedal, Derya Yildrim Grup Simsek, Groove&, Startijenn.

And the many faces of WOMEX!