Seoul Music Week, what a great time we had! Showcase festival in the heart of Seoul, 3 days.
Day 3 with stars: Hilgeum_official, Sizak, Lunatraktors, Bora IM Quartet, Dongyang Gozupa with Blood Quartet, Banda, KIZABA, Ars Nova Napoli, nuMori, Day 2 at Seoul Music Week with: Rising star Sanghyun, WYHD, Owen Spatford & Louis Campbell, bloodquartetofficial, XIDO, Hijaz, Maegandang, 여성타악그룹 “groove&” KIZABA / AFRO ELECTRO – CONGOLAISE, Balaklava Blues, Ohelen and Leaf Yeh, ending with Touched. First day started with: Thornapple, RC9, Leaf Yeh, ChomChom, Leaf Yeh, ADG7, Ensamble Transatlántico de Folk Chileno, Suonno D’Ajere, Sindicato Sonico.

Thanks to my Korean friends: Sungchun Lee and Jung Hun Lee!