Nine Years of World Music Expo photography:

Eric van Nieuwland
(The Netherlands)

Eric van Nieuwland lives and works in the Netherlands as a photojournalist. His work combines the two worlds of his great passions: jazz and world music.

Alongside photographing for artist management and record companies, Eric is a writer/photographer for websites reporting on cultural events. His work is known for capturing the right atmosphere and special moments.

This will be his ninth year as an official WOMEX Photographer and he now also captures WOMEX’s sister event Classical:NEXT and Primera Linea.

Pictures of WOMEX 2017 in Katowice Poland (click on the image below)


Pictures of Womex 2016 in Santiago de Compostela (click on the image below)


Pictures of Womex 2015 in budapest (click on the image below)

womex showcases foto eric van nieuwland214445
















Pictures of WOMEX14 (Openingnight, showcases, daytime and closing ceremony):

openingnight womex14 foto eric van nieuwland215735
faces womex14 foto eric van nieuwland 143524 awardshow womex14 trio foto eric van nieuwland 125435

Pictures of WOMEX13 (Openingnight, day 1-3 and closing ceremony):

opening concert womex2013, Dawnswyr Nantgarw foto eric van nieuwland221954 Teta womex13 foto eric van nieuwland 142133 April Verch band womex13 foto eric van nieuwland 135042
bbc radio womex13 foto eric van nieuwland 130043 closing with los van van and awards womex13 foto eric van nieuwland 142835


 Pictures of WOMEX09  Pictures of WOMEX10
womex 2009 foto eric v nieuwland 021056 womex 2010 foto eric v nieuwland 222402
 Pictures of WOMEX11  Pictures of WOMEX12
womex 2011 foto eric v nieuwland 220608 womex 2012 foto eric v nieuwland 200950